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The Foundation  began awarding Community Enrichment Grants in 2011. Their purpose is to assist other nonprofit organizations serving the area that build community.

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2021 brought a slight amount of normality as The Foundation opened a Community Enrichment grant cycle.

On June 23, 2021, three $1,500 grants were awarded to the following local nonprofit organizations to assist with providing community-enriching services:  

The Mariposa Butterfly Festival received funds to purchase butterfly larvae for local schoolrooms. The butterflies were released during the Butterfly Festival, which was held on the Fourth of July weekend.

Community Radio Station KRYZ 95.5 FM received a grant to help purchase battery backups to allow them to operate when power is out, such as during wildfires and other disasters.

The Mariposa Museum and History Center will be developing a native plant garden that will identify and demonstrate a variety of local plants that were important to the region's Native Americans.

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In 2018, the Foundation was honored to award $1,000 grants to the Mariposa Arts Council, KRYZ Radio, and the North County History and Museum Center.

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In the 2017 grant cycle, several organizations met the criteria. Consequently, the Board awarded grants to three organizations:

Mariposa Community Radio, KRYZ, returned to request funds to expand their capability for emergency broadcasts. The Foundation board was pleased to support this important community resource with a capacity building grant of $1,000.

The Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce supports local producers who have joined “Made in Mariposa” in a number of ways. The foundation granted $1,000 to furnish a Christmas Store featuring products created by local residents and $1,000 to improve signage for the Chamber itself. 

The Mariposa Fire Safe Council asked for and received $1,000 to print and distribute brochures to educate residents in five areas of the county about making homes and property fire safe. Another $1,000 was granted to buy smoke/CO detectors for installation in homes of the elderly who are otherwise unable to afford this safety measure.

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KRYZ Radio broadcasting, under the auspices of Mariposa Community Radion received funds to purchase a new transmitter. KRYZ is a “low power” FM station serving a localized area and looks to expand beyond the environs of the town of Mariposa. This station is designated to broadcast announcements in event of an emergency.

The Mariposa Museum and History Center has long exhibited Native American baskets and other artifacts. This grant is to match other funds to complete a project to improve the display, protect baskets and artifacts, and curate them to determine origins and other information. 

Mariposa Academic Boosters Club, Inc. is organized by of a group of parents of Mariposa High School students with the goal of supporting academic curricula at the school. This grant will enable parents to complete building a website to serve the organization as it grows and serves students and parents.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016 and is revising and improving its local hiking and educational activities. Funds from this grant support expansion of that program. 

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Community Enrichment grants helped fund ukuleles for Teena Starchman's Sierra Foothill Charter School students, the purchase of an interactive TV for the main branch of the Mariposa County Library, and to purchase a computer for the John C. Fremont Hospital Foundation to support its fundraising and membership programs.

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In 2011 and 2013, the Foundation awarded $500 grants to Ethos, a youth-focused organization under the auspices of the Mariposa Crisis Center, Mariposa Heritage House, which offers recovery support services, the newly organized Mariposa County High School Academic Booster Club, and the Northern Mariposa History Center.

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